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Manager Top Related Articles

  • 9). Will You Be a Good Manager? Test Yourself  By : CD Mohatta
    Manager means to manage any work or an organization. To manage is not that easy. Imagine the size of some of the large organizations. Their turnover exceeds GDP of many countries. But the companies have to be managed effectively and efficiently and good managers are needed to do that. It applies to self-run businesses. If you don't know how to manage your business, it will suffer.
    Article Related to: business, manager, managment, marketing, career, self esteem

  • 22). Does Your Dress Code Address Flip Flop?  By : Glenn Shepard
    One of the most important things a manager can do to set healthy boundaries in the office is to define a dress code. It's more critical today than ever before. Young men today show up for job interviews wearing shorts and muscle shirts. Others look like they just crawled out of bed wearing baggy jeans pulled down to reveal their boxer shorts, baseball cap turned sideways and three-day stubble.
    Article Related to: dresscode, dress code, facial piercings, disney, management, manager

  • 25). Managing Upward - Working WITH Your Boss  By : Terence Traut
    In challenging times, sometimes your boss’s behavior becomes erratic. She may overmanage or undermanage you and your work. She may lose sight of all the things you are working on. You may not be sure what your boss’s priorities are; they change daily. The costs associated with this business malady are many including: missed deadlines and opportunities, working on unimportant tasks, avoidance, frustration, the appearance of incompetence, stress, and burnout.
    Article Related to: management, boss, manager, supervisor


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