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Naturally Top Related Articles

  • 9). How To Beat The Coming Flu & Cold Season, Naturally  By : Judy Thompson
    In the last year or so, have you experienced one or more bad colds, or possibly had a bout with the flu? Numerous people, some even in our own local area, have actually been laid up with pneumonia! In the last three decades there have been several viral and bacterial epidemics—and this at a time when we should have been able to expect the eradication of many infectious diseases.
    Article Related to: flu, cold, naturally, garlic, allicin, ginger

  • 10). Antioxidants Naturally Found in Foods  By : Ciara Carruthers
    Why do we need to eat foods that are found to be naturally high in antioxidants? What are antioxidants? Which foods do we need to eat, in order to naturally fight free radicals? Scientists have found that the body forms unstable oxygen molecules, called free radicals; every cell produces tens of thousands of them each day. A free radical is basically an atom with an odd number of electrons in its outer ring.
    Article Related to: antioxidants, naturally, found, foods, health


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