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  • 15). RSS Feeds Go Crazy in the Marketplace  By : Quentin Brown
    Geeks and Bloggers use RSS exclusively for the publishing and subscribing to news headlines and blog feeds, however many other innovative and useful applications of RSS have been sprouting up here and there. The marketplace is quickly learning that you can use RSS content feeds for so much more and its getting crazy and wild out there in the business world.
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  • 17). RSS Feed A New Revolution on the Web  By : James W. Clark
    An RSS feed, also known as a "news feed", is a syndicated news feed in an XML format that you can subscribe to. A news feed reader, also known as a "news aggregator", is software that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds. Organizations will trust their employees enough to let them subscribe to RSS feeds. Once you have an RSS Reader, you can subscribe to which ever feeds you want, and quickly flick through news items that interest you.
    Article Related to: rss feeds

  • 18). Why you should use blogs and RSS feeds  By : Mike.S
    Blogs and RSS feeds are great marketing tools! Now, if you're like me, you're probably scratching your head and saying, "Wonderful, but what in the world is a blog, and what the heck does an RSS feed?" Let's make it quick and simple. A blog is basically a journal or diary that is kept online. It changes every day as you add new content. An RSS feed is a little more involved.
    Article Related to: internet marketing online, rss feeds, blogs

  • 19). What is "RSS" and Do I Need It?  By : Barbara White
    RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the talk around the net these days because of its many benefits. However many people are not really clear exactly what RSS is? Here is a definition of what RSS(Real Simple Syndication) "IS" in plain English for those of you who are NEW to it and for those of you who are still a little bit confused about it and its uses.
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